Friday, 4 November 2011

Sonic Generations Collector's Edition: Unboxing video

Put this video together real quick this morning when it arrived. This video is literally me opening it for the first time. There are much better unboxing videos of this about, including one Svend did for Sega's official blog which you can check out here.


Barry the Nomad said...

Very nice, Gagaman! I ordered my CE from Amazon Germany (price was lower than other places) and it'll be to me in less than a few weeks.

It's like the good ol days of importing Shenmue 2, and I'm just as excited to get it despite already owning the game. No way would I wait 2 weeks to play the German version (assuming it works on my 360).

Arun said...

Awesome stuff, I'm literally drooling over the awesome collectibles people have been getting abroad. I might look into at least buying the upcoming Generations soundtrack (in addition to the Sonic 1&2 soundtrack) though.

Any chance you might do a peek at the documentary? I'd love to at least read about what's on there.