Thursday, 10 November 2011

Japan's Sonic Generations Box is Crystal and Classy

Thought the European Sonic Generations collector's box was all we were getting? Think again! The Japanese release of Sonic Generations, due next month, is featuring completely new goodies! The laser carved crystal statue seen above is just the tip of the iceberg. The set will also include a cloth (seen after the break) and a CD featuring music from past Sonic games. The PS3 and 360 version of the collector's edition will have the White Edition of the CD, the 3DS collector's edition will have the Blue Edition. Each has a random mix of a dozen tunes, with no real real reason for the selection of songs. There is also mention of a bonus book, which I assume will be the booklet that comes with the CD.

How much will all this cost? 10,479 yen for the HD version, 8,379 yen for the 3DS version. Or around $130 for the HD version and $110 for the 3DS version. The HD price is equal to the European box, but in my opinion has less goodies. The crystal cube is pretty cool, but I prefer the statue. The soundtracks have been said to be sold separately from this special release, and have less tracks than the European CD. In fact, in comparing the two edition's CDs with the one found in Gagaman's unboxing, I found that the European CD is actually a combination of the two CDs. So really, you get both Japanese edition's music in one box with the European release. The cloth, seen below, is exclusive to the Japanese edition, but really, what do you do with a cloth? Clean your crystal cube?

Still, it's a pretty sweet edition, and I noticed that the 20th Anniversary cube box is the same as the 10th Anniversary cube box. So if you have the old one, this would be a nice companion. There are, however, only 500 of the older cube:

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