Friday, 4 November 2011

Sonic Generations Collector's Edition: IT'S HERE.

What can I say other than this is the best collector's edition Sega I have ever owned, and yes I am including the Segagaga box set. Just compare it to the 10th Anniversary Sonic Adventure 2 one for scale..


Some more photos after the break!



Here is it all out of the box. Excluding the art book, I forgot to include it in the photo oops.

Close ups of the figure (above) and the ring (below).
Quick unboxing video coming later today!


racketboy said...

That's huge! Wish they had a smaller version that just was Classic-focused :)

THanks for the pics!

Barry the Nomad said...

Slice it down the middle and you've got Classic and Modern! Though you'd also destroy a good amount of the contents.

JustinSane said...

Good looking set. saw guru larry doing an unboxing. A bit out of my price range so I just got the game.

What damn right stupid though is the complete disgrace of a screw up that amazon UK made. They allocated most of the pre orders to the Americans.

Now in Europe and the UK we hardly get any good exclusive stuff. From toys, to games, special edition consoles etc: it is mostly America and Japan that gets these.

So finally Europe gets an exclusive set: and amazon UK decides to give most of em to the yanks.

Complete disgrace. What makes it worse is: amazon are the exclusive carrier for this set.

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks awesome

Barry the Nomad said...

How is it America's fault that Amazon UK sold out? For starters Amazon UK does NOT ship the game to the US. Trust me, I've tried going through the process before heading over to Amazon Germany where it worked just fine. Secondly, pre-orders are open to everybody, there is no "allocating" of the stock, its first come first served. So if UK folk were slow to pre-order, and folks from other countries placed orders first, it's nobody's fault. Amazon shouldn't deny pre-orders because one country is more worthy than another.