Monday, 18 April 2011

Sonic Generations gameplay and fan art

I know this blog isn't really all about the new games as such but this new Sonic trailer is just too good to not post here. Compared to how Nintendo celebrated Mario's 25th Anniversary (by a SNES ROM on a Wii disc) this sure does get me excited and looks like it may even make up for the horrific 15th anniversary that consisted of the two worst releases in the franchises history. After the teaser revealed to us that classic Sonic will be running side by side with the current Sonic design, now we have gameplay of both running through a beautifully rendered Green hill.

Why they even made Sonic 4 the way they did at this point I don't know as unlike that game this has really nailed the look, and it looks mega fun to play too, much closer to the originals, plus as a compromise to the newer fans you get Colours style gameplay too (which I also enjoyed). Really looking forward to this, and so are many others as ever since the first trailer I have been flooded with fan art relating to the game, here are just a few of them..
Old VS New by EvilQueenie

Sonic 20th - The Union by Elesis-Knight

Sonic Generations by Fantasiia

Sonic: Generations by MOG17

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Barry the Nomad said...

I'm gonna have to get my fan art on too. I need an excuse to draw more Classic Sonic!