Thursday, 7 April 2011

So, that new Sonic trailer on Sega's Facebook..


EDIT: Trailer is now on Youtube:


Barry the Nomad said...

Yup! Been watching the trailer and been discussing it all day. Really excited for this!

That classic Sonic 3D model looks great, and I'm sure the in-game model will look equally awesome.

Now all those classic Sonic toys being released make sense.

ZikZak said...

The CG is nice but we all remember that nice CGs do not mean a good game.
Sonic Riders and Sonic 2006 had nice CGs, the games were crap.

Let's hope the gameplay will not be broken this time and that they will remember that the soundtrack is another thing that the old 2D Sonic have better than the current ones.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Those games were quite a while ago now and Sega seem to be improving a lot lately. Sonic Unleashed was a good step up and Colours last year was fantastic. Did you not play those? I also thought the soundtracks to those games were great.