Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ebay Hunt: Sonic & Knuckles Camera

Just a quick post about something I stumbled across on Ebay. I didn't buy it as it went a bit high for my liking but it did bring a small dose of nostalgia flooding back as i had forgotten all about this little disposable camera I once had. The seller says they reckon it was given away as prizes and I'm pretty sure Sonic the Comic gave these away but I recall my one being bought from a shop.

I obviously now don't own it now due to it being a disposable camera and being a kid at the time but I do recall hoping to get my hands on a second one when mine ran out only for them to have already vanished from shops. i think it came from somewhere like Boots and was released in 1994 or 95, when Sonic & Knuckles was being plugged.

Got a longer and more interesting article on the way!

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Mikey said...

I've still got a couple of these in their box!