Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Sonic 1994 Panini Sticker Album

You may recall me bringing up the 1993 Sonic sticker album when a new album was released some time last year. In that article I talked briefly about it but recently I've gone on a bit of a mission. You see as a kid I never managed to complete the album. I could of saved up to just order the  numbers I was missing back then but I guess I was putting my pocket money elsewhere. Either way I did get a good majority stuck in there.

A friend of mine had got much further along with only a select few (about 16) left to go. He had the shiny sticker poster pull out on his wall for some time so it got a bit torn in places, but after a while he didn't want the album anymore so gave it to me. Then just recently for a few quid a bought a third album from ebay which is in the best condition of the three but also had the least stickers, about half complete, maybe more.

Now I was determined to finish at least one of these albums off, so I got looking for the stickers themselves, which are obviously not as easy to get a hold of now. See how I did after the jump..

First off I picked up a bundle of about 30 random stickers for a few quid but then soon after I found a buy it now or best offer for 20 unopened packets. I put in an offer and got them, but then the seller e-mailed me saying they had another 79 packets for sale. In the end i made an offer for the lot. Each packet has six stickers so in the end I had around 600 stickers to rummage through. Eep.

They all came in one of the original boxes they'd have in shops, though the box is rather beaten up which is understandable considering it's age I guess.
The back of the box says 100 packets, so one packet must of gone missing or was taken out at some point.
Yet another photo of mass sticker packets just before I worked on ripping them all open.

...and its done.

So after ripping open every single one of these packets, putting them in order and seeing excatly what i ended up with, did I manage to complete any of my three albums?


One of the albums (the one my friend gave me) is now only missing ONE sticker. My own childhood one is now missing just six and the other album I bought recently needs 17.

 See that missing Tails? That one is missing from all three albums! Bah!

The reason I didn't end up completing any of the albums is because a very small few of the stickers numbers did not show up once, while most showed up three times and others showed up four or five times. The collection has three types of stickers..

The regular ones: Mostly consist of Sonic 3 screenshots, some scenes from an episode of AOSTH, a few Sonic CD screenshots, and a couple random cartoon ones at the end. These are all naturally the common ones that show up a lot.

The shiny ones: These ones all feature random promo art on shiny sliver patterns. Most of them go in the very middle of the book in a fold out poster though some others go in random places in the book. there are only 24 of these and as you might of gussed, they rarely show up in packets at all.

Finally, the vinyl 'complete the scene' ones: This lot also consisting of 24 are shaped and go on the four pages somewhere near the middle of the book. Most of these are of badniks from Sonic 1 and 2, with a couple of tails and Robotnik too. These show even less often than the shiny ones.

Despite not finishing any books, I have ended up with a huge pile of spares left over. So here's where you hopefully come in! I know this is probably very unlikely, but is anyone else out there trying to complete a set of these and also has some spare? Because I only have a small amount to find and they are all shiny and vinyl ones, I would be willing to trade 3 of the more common stickers for any one of those. Here's a list of what I'm after:

Shiny: 106, 109 (X2), 112, 113, 118, 120, 121, 125
Vinyl: 90 (X3), 92, 93, 130 (X2), 131, 133 (X2), 136, 138, 140

As for what I have to trade, I have a select few shiny and vinyl ones but mostly common ones. If i have any here you need but don't have any I need just send me some you don't need if you have them in exchange. At the moment I'm not willing to sell any until I get the ones I'm after, because even if I did take money for them the chance of even finding more to buy is pretty silm.

So here's what I have. Highlighted in blue are Shiny ones and red are Vinyl. This is gonna take a while..

1 (X4), 2, 3 (X4), 4 (X3), 5 (X2), 6, 7 (X2), 8 (X4), 9 (X3), 10 (X4)
12, 13 (X3), 14 (X2), 15, 16 (X3), 17 (X2), 18 (X2), 19 (X3), 20, 21 (X2)
22 (X3) 23, 24 (X3), 25 (X2),  26 (X4), 27 (X2), 28, 29 (X2) 31 (X2) 32 (X3)
33 (X2), 34 (X4), 35, 36, 37 (X2), 38 (X4), 39 (X3), 40, 41 (X3), 42 (X2)
43 (X3), 44 (X2), 45 (X2), 46 (X3), 47 (X3), 49 (X2), 50, 51 (X4), 52, 53 (X4)
54, 55 (X3), 56 (X2), 57 (X4), 59 (X3), 60, 61, 62, 63 (X3), 64, 65 (X3), 66 (X3)
67 (X2), 68 (X2), 69 (X3), 70, 71, 72 (X3), 73, 74 (X2), 76 (X5), 77 (X3)
78, 79 (X3), 80, 81 (X3), 82 (X4), 83 (X2), 84 (X2), 86 (X2), 88 (X2) 92
97 (X3), 98, 99 (X2), 100, 101 (X2) 102 (X3), 103, 107 (X2), 110 (X2), 119 (X2)
122 (X2), 123, 124 (X3), 126 (X2), 127, 128 (X2), 132, 137, 142 (X2), 143
144 (X3), 145 (X3), 146 (X2), 147 (X4), 148 (X2), 149 (X3), 151, 152 (X3), 153 (X3), 154 (X4)
155 (X2), 156, 157 (X3), 158 (X3), 159 (X2), 160 (X2), 161 (X4), 163 (X3), 164 (X3), 165 (X2)
166 (X2), 167 (X3), 168 (X2), 169 (X2), 170, 171 (X2), 172 (X3), 173 (X3), 174 (X2), 175 (X3)
176 (X3), 177 (X3), 178 (X3), 179 (X4), 180 (X2), 181 (X2), 182 (X2), 183 (X5), 184 (X3), 185
186 (X2), 187 (X2), 188 (X3), 189 (X2), 190 (X3), 191 (X3), 192 (X4), 193 (X3), 194 (X3), 195 (X4)
197 (X2), 198 (X3), 199, 200 (X2), 202 (X4), 203 (X2), 205 (X2), 206, 207 (X2), 208 (X3)
209 (X2), 210, 211, 212 (X2), 213 (X2), 214 (X2), 215 (X4), 216, 217 (X2), 218 (x2)
219 (X2), 220, 221 (X3), 222 (X4), 223 (X2), 224 (X2), 225, 226 (X4), 227 (X3), 228 (X3)

Phew! So yeah, if anyone can help out let me know in the comments! Otherwise that was a lot of time spent typing all that up for nothing...heh heh.


ZikZak said...

Beautiful ! I remember I got such an album decades ago. But I do not know what happened to it.

Nice hunt you did !

Ricky Earl said...

I have the album, with only one sticker missing...pretty sure its NOT one listed here...I'll check for you :)

Tom said...

Man, I actually have that Tails sticker... unfortunately it's stuck in the album!