Thursday, 28 April 2011

Japanese Magazine Weekly Famitsu Goes SEGA Crazy

Weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is giving SEGA an awesome cover spread and 88 pages of coverage! Check out all the characters crammed on that cover! I see Ryo, Beat, Ristar, Waldo...

The issue is said to be chock full of interviews and new bits of info regarding future releases. Tsuyoshi Sawada, the man behind the Shining Force games, hints at a new title that is said to contain elements from the originals. The new Platinum Games title, Binary Domain, is also going to get a good deal of coverage. The issue will also contain a Yakuza series retrospective, featuring interviews with the development team. Of course, all of this will be in Japanese, so the best non-Japanese speakers/readers can hope for is a lot of pretty pictures.

UPDATE: The magazine was available to by at Play-Asia, but it appears to be sold out because I bought the last copy. Sorry!

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of scanning in all the SEGA stuff? Not only would I like to see but it'd be good practice for me to translate it all for anyone who wants to read it (going to teach English over in Kyoto in July 2012).