Friday, 27 March 2009

The Sonic toy that cannot smell or walk anymore.

The broken Sonic toy theme continues! You can use that as a metaphor for the demise of the Sonic franchise if you want to jump on the already over flowing band wagon of Internet hatred. Me? I couldn't give a toss, to be honest.

So far this year the boot sales have been pretty shite, rummaging through piles of the same old rubbish just to find anything remotely interesting, even a Mega Drive game that isn't football or something, but last week I did find this tragic looking Sonic toy sitting in a box full of other beaten up old toy for 40p.

It's one of those bendy limb type things, only this one has clearly seen better days. For starters as you can plainly see he has lost his nose. Maybe he took a whiff of [insert recent Sonic game here] and it fell off! Oh ho! Witty!

He also has a broken leg (those wires they stick in these things are pretty fragile). Maybe that's why [insert game mechanic from recent Sonic game you don't like here] was in [insert recent Sonic game here]! Will people read this blog more if I slag off Sonic some more?

It's a good thing I already have one of these then isn't it? Here's the one that's been sitting in the loft for years, and while this one also has a broken leg, it hasn't been occasionally fed to a dog.

Looking at it from the front you would think this Sonic is lacking a head of spikes too, but here they are at the back, rather small and blunt to please the health and safety goons. You gotta love his huge happy eyes though, which are actually aligned for once rather than having one eye a lot bigger than the other making him look a bit deformed.


JaQ said...

ide do anything to get that.

Titan said...

Funnily enough I have the same toy, also with the nose missing :-P

Anonymous said...

what year is this toy from

john said...

I will buy a mint condition sonic bendy toy from tomy "flexi friend " out of box for 100 dollars and with box for 150 dollars add and pm me on msn if interested I already got one but i need a spare.

(has to be mint condition)( no parts missing nothing broken)