Friday, 27 March 2009

The cutest Sonic clothes you'll ever see.

Awwww! Look at this widdle suit! You probably can't tell from the photo but this is tiny. It's sitting in the loft within my collection, and apparently there was matching tie that went with it which I cannot find. When I was a lil' kid I wore this once or twice at family parties. No, you're not seeing any photos.

It's by Marks & Spencers, like a lot of the old British Sonic clothes were. It's that same texture as that nice tie I've got that sort of glistens in the light, which is generally quite difficult to take good photos of. It's smothered in images of Sonic and little illustrated renditions of the green hill zone, which feature chunky white rings for some reason.

I'd imagine these rarely come up anymore so I thought I'd give it a show off. To be honest I think the only reason we kept it is because it was one of the more expensive pieces of Sonic clothing from back then. Obviosuly I didn't keep all the Sonic clothes I wore! I do remember having a jacket covered in sweet Sonic patches (different to those adult size ones I have), that when it didn't fir anymore, my nan stitched them onto a new bigger jacket. Bless!


Barry said...

What was the matching tie like? I have a maroon child's tie with a string of rings and a single running Sonic at the bottom. Sad thing was I bought it when I was a teenager and attempted to seriously wear it a few times. At one point my dad told me to wear one of his, so I chose his Uncle Scrooge rowing a boat through money tie.

The GagaMan(n) said...

I think the tie looked identical to the suit with the same art on it.