Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Adventures of Sonic Cartoon Pilot in full!

Speaking of Milton Knight, who I obtained that brilliant painting of Robotnik from recently, just this week he has provided a youtuber with the pilot episode, which we previously saw chunks of, and of which some scenes were inserted into an episode of the actual series. Being a pilot that was made to sell the cartoon idea to the execs, there is no music and a lot of dialog missing, but what you will see is some truly stunning animation unlike the final product, due to this being produced in-house in America rather than outsourced to Asia. That and the animators are none other than Milton Knight and Ed Love, who's animation carer goes all the way back to the 1930's at Disney. A (almost) complete credits list is featured in the video's description.

Other things you may notice are that one scene was used as the credits sequence in the series, Robotnik is voiced by Jim Cummings instead of Long John Baldry, and there are a lot more nods to the games, such as a scene set in Green/Emerald Hill zone complete with the iconic loop and Robotnik's ball and chain weapon. Oh, and the shot at 0:27 was recreated on the continue screen of Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. There's even a Sonic Says scene at the end, which shows that that idea was there from the beginning. It's a real joy to watch, and it's just a shame the whole series couldn't look this good.


Ryan said...

Very interesting thingy there. Like now we know where the end credits are from, stuff like that. Loved the Gorilla Troops, and I don't think the execs would've been too keen on Sonic's "I don't take no bull" line.

Yeah, lots of fun. Maybe if Milton got himself a Tardis and found Ed's zombie, they could create some sort of time paradox to re-make the entire series with the same quality of animation. Maybe?

H Hog said...

Wow, that was fun to watch =D
D'aaaw, and Tails sounds so young in this one...