Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gaya promises more classic Sonic stuff

Now don't get me wrong, all these announcements for classic style Sonic merchandise in the last year or so is great, but it would be nice if some of it would actually get released. Still, German company Gaya Entertainment, who not too long ago announced a Sonic chess set, have released some more concept art this time of squeeze toys and some key chains, which are the squeeze toys with chains stabbed into them, though they are said to cost less so maybe they're a bit smaller. Unlike the chess set that had Amy Rose as the forth character featured, these include a nice Robotnik design, much like that Robotnik plush toy we were promised but never got! Bah!
Source: Sega Portal


Barry said...

They sure know how to make great mock-up art, but I hope they can deliver on the real product. I was really hoping for a plush Eggman too.

Anonymous said...

Omg if I can get one of those id be happi

Eggman Robotnik said...

I found some on Ebay recently. I got the big Knuckles squeeze toy and the small Eggman keychain from an Australian seller. A bit expensive to send in Canada. Wish I could find the big Eggman one. So squeezy, soft and nice! :3