Monday, 6 April 2009

The I Have a Dreamcast EP

Posting this both here and the Dreamcast Junkyard because it deserves to be heard!

The I Have a Dreamcast guys have released the EP as a free download!
They had a live performance of the album, and some more DC playing goodness last night. There are 8 tracks in MP3 format in the download:

The Pianosaurus - Green Hill Drone

Bicycles & Gravel - A Song for the Dreamcast

Gemini Cricket - Dreamcast Vision
Grey Milk - Venice is Dying
Bicycles & Gravel - Curious Console
The South Will Rave Again - I Fell in Love Playing Marvel vs. Capcom
I Have Read Other Books Besides The Catcher in the Rye - To Beat, From Gum
Captain #1 - Bring Sega Back

Oh, I'm so making some Dreamcast videos with these songs in them. Amazing stuff.


Panta said...

Awesome! There have been LOTS of downloads - like website overload lots.

Keep 'em coming!

panta said...


Hey, last week was super busy. Anyway, we are slowly working on the packaging for the actual CD. It's a paperbox in the shape of a Dreamcast and the top opens just like the console.

BUT make your artwork too. We'll post it on our website for people to download and use as their own. I'd love to see what you can come up with.

Over the weekend someone emailed me some artwork for the record. It'd be awesome if you did the same. We'd get a database going of alt. album covers.

panta AT