Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Long Overdue Plug: Fuck Yeah Sonic the Comic

Sometime late last month I joined Tumblr and along with my personal tumblr blog for my art and junk, I decided to set up a blog dedicated to Sonic the Comic. In true 'fuck yeah' tumblr blog tradition, there won't be long articles like you get here but rather regular single image updates of random panels, art, letters and more from the history of the comic. Everything from Decap Attack references Richard and Judy, a love letter to Amy by a kid in Graphic Zone (of whom has grown up and found the blog, stating he hid it under his bed and his mum must of sent it in!), a scratch and sniff STC sticker I found in my shed, STC mistaking Sally Acorn for Tails in a wig and much more daft stuff like that.

The site has only been up a few weeks but it has already got it's fans, including Sonic Retro who gave it a glowing review. By the way I have a big Sonic the Comic related post coming here soon!

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ZikZak said...

Excellent ! Congrats !