Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sonic Chess set Magazine is cancelled! :(

Oh bum. Look what showed up in the post this morning..
So yeah, looks like the Chess set magazine that was up for subscription some time back has been flat out canceled. All we get is a LED light key-chain? It doesn't even have Sonic on it, it's not even Sonic blue! Oddly enough the website along with the subscription form is still online so unsuspecting new visitors will think it's still available.

Boo! I was looking forward to this although I guess on the bright side it's a relief on my wallet as if they did ever get around to making the whole set it would have cost a pretty penny and they never took any money in advance, but I would of liked to of had at least one issue and some of those freebies out of it before they quit the idea. :(

UPDATE: Well this odd. According to peeps on Sonic Retro a couple copies of the first issue of the magazine were found and bought in random locations, presumably a test run though it seems silly to release them at all if they have no intention of doing any more, and so few copies of said issue at that. :T

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