Thursday, 30 June 2011

Summer of Sonic 2011 - The Cosplayers!

The cosplayers really outdone them selfs at this years Summer of Sonic. There were lots of them and many were of amazing quality and there was a lot of variety in the characters they chose to dress as (no army of Shadow the Hedgehogs this time) including some really unusual ones! I suspect there was so many because they found out that the winner of the cosplay contest would take home of the those not-for-sale 20th Anniversary statues! Mind you, not all of them went up onto the stage, there was just so many! I will be posting a video of the cosplay contest eventually, though it was quite difficult to film this year.

I have dozens of photos I took on the day. I didn't get photos of everyone but to start off here was one of my favorites:
How are ya how are ya how are ya! It's only Wes Weasley from the Adventures of Sonic cartoon! How cool is that? More after the jump!
Here's an excellent Sonic costume that we also saw at the MCM Expo back in May. he had a brown backpack with contained a huge ring that he proudly showed off on stage for the cosplay contest, SATAM style!

Maybe not the most flattering photo (no she's not crying!) but this Tails cosplayer had some crazy dedication, namely because of the incredibly detailed hand made Tornado bi-plane back pack which I got a closer shot of..

Look at that! She kept pointing out all the tiny flaws in the stitching! Shut up, it's brilliant!

Knuckles! The gloves were actual boxing gloves that have been painted white and the spike on the end of them were...tiny party hats, apparently. The magic is ruined! Also check out those shoes!

Metal Sonic, if he was a lady, though who knows it's a robot! Using shades with painted on red eyes, clever!

Amy rose, but not just any Amy Rose: classic Sonic CD/Fighters Amy Rose! That mallet is massive, and made of foam apparently.

A friend from DeviantArt who helped set up that party we went to the night before dressed as Cream the Rabbit, complete with Chao!

..and the winner for most unexpected and probably not recognized by most cosplayer of the day had to be thus guy dressed as taro from SegaGaga! I hope I wasn't the only one there who knew what he was from!

In a close second for that prize however has to be this girl I spotted while queuing up to get my Dreamcast signed by Yuji and Iizuka. It took me a moment but then I realized what she is wearing.. Sonic's "favorite clothes" from the OVA anime! Apparently barely anyone knew what her costume was from and to be honest it took me a moment to figure it out too! Strannnge, isn't it?

Continuing the 15th Anniversary celebrations of NiGHTS we also had not one but a total of three NiGHTS cosplays, including this one of Claris from the first game! There was also a Reala and the girl from the Wii sequel somewhere.

The Ulala cosplayer from last year was also back with a new pink outfit and amazing guitar straight out of Space Channel 5 Part 2, but I didn't get the chance to get a photo of her this time around.

Back to the Sonic characters, here's another friend from DeviantArt in a fantastic costume of professor Pickle from Sonic Unleashed! he even had a tiny sandwich which he clearly disapproves of, and had the voice down to a tee!

Another friend, the one who won last year for his Eggman costume (and magnificent role play of the character in general), came back this year as Eggman Nega from Sonic Rush. Again with the unfortunately named modern characters! First Cream the rabbit now this..

Another DA friend, what do you know? Her first time cosplaying and blimey, it's a full on Tails costume! All hand made and the head was huge and very soft!

You could say this was her rival: another fully suited up Tails costume! This Tails brought along a chopper/masher badnik!

The last cosplay photo I got was of this guy in a subtle Black Knight related costume with a hand made sword and iron glove! I wish I could of got more photos: there was not one but TWO Bark the Polar Bears (from Sonic the Fighters), two Mighty the Armadillos, Black Doom from Shadow the Hedgehog, and many, many more! In the end the winner was a girl dressed up as Sliver the Hedgehog. Well done of her, the competition was crazy this year but it was the crowds cheering that did the judging!

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Barry the Nomad said...

Oh man! So many good ones! I love the Wes Weasley and Prof Pickle. "sliced THINLY if you please!"

The SGGG and Sonic anime are very obscure, love it! I probably would have gone for a Typing of the Dead costume had I attended.