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Summer of Sonic 2011 - The Glass box of Merchandise!

Now it wouldn't be Sega Memories coverage about Summer of Sonic without an in depth look at the 'rare merchandise' glass box that has been there every year, now would it? That is what we are all about after all! That and it also wouldn't be Summer of Sonic without me trying to steal said glass box, with the help of Ruben once again!
Hit the jump for photos galore of what was contained inside this year!
Up on the top shelf (ooh naughty) there's a collection of British Sonic books including the Sonic 2 guide book, Where's Sonic and Stay Sonic: one I've been after for some time as I only read it in a library when I was a kid but never found it to buy. Can't really remember what it was about. There is also the first issues of both Archie Sonic and Sonic the Comic up here, a small old Japanese plush (the one with string arms and legs), an album on CD and a Sonic 2 t-shirt. The right corner of this cabinet had that Sonic & Knuckles denim jacket again and another plush.

One thing you will notice from this years lot is there is a lot of NiGHTS stuff in here, due to it being that games 15th anniversary this year too, a majority of which are owned by TRiPPY, AKA the biggest NiGHTS fan in the world. Maybe. Issue 3 of the archie Knuckles comic and both the PAL and Japanese versions of Chaotix for the 32X are here, as well a NiGHTS Tiger LCD game and hat!

Right in the center of this shelf was the special edition Metal Sonic statue from First4Figures! Oh boy, I want this now. Look at those menacing glowing red eyes! Fantastic.

To the right of Metal Sonic we have tons of NiGHTS stuff including the games, a soundtrack, that Playstation 2 remakes box set, two extremely rare plushes, what looks like a t-shirt, some cards and that little Journey of Dreams pre-order toy I featured here once. you also have Sonic the Comic issues 50 and 100 sitting here.

A bit quiet in this corner isn't it? Mostly games here including a Brazilian Master System copy of Sonic Blast and SegaGaga, which that Sonic plush appaers to be very interested in! A shame really that there was no notes in the cabinets detailing things this time around, plus the layout isn't the best they've had but never mind.

here we have that Shadow PS2 controller again, the very last issue of Sonic the Comic (with a free generic non-sonic-themed watch!), a NiGHTS mouse pad and probably two of the most sought after Sonic plushes ever: Sonic and Rouge released when Sonic Adventure 2 came out. They're huge and very nicely made so it's no wonder they are sought after but I don't think I'd want to pay a four digit sum for them myself!

More NiGHTS bits and bobs including a promotional video and a Journey of Dreams soundtrack that appaers to be signed. There's also a pair of Converse sneakers with the Sonic Rush logo on them, some Sonic Chronicles...things and Richard Jacques Sega retrospective.

Lots of promo bits here including the Rivals t-shirt and cap I featured once, that rare Sonic cross bones shirt and a Chronicles shirts similar in style to my Riders one. Not sure what the Sonic 2006 things are, and there's a VIP pass for a hard Rock Cafe event called Sega Rocks. At the back is a Chronicles DS case, a 2006 mug (I think) and a Mario & Sonic Olympics box set that according to Hogfather are from Australia.

Bottom shelf now! The Secret Rings framed pictures from last year are back, and there's a Black Knight sword, the pre-order from All Star Racing on Wii (they sell these in CEX for 50p, come on now) and a Wisp plush. The photo i took of the right side of this shelf was rubbish but it was all the freebies from previous Summer of Sonics including the 2008 t-shirt and last years orange goodie bag.


You see to the left of this glass box was gasp! Another thinner one! This is where they kept the ultra rare stuff, including..

The 10th Anniversary wine glass that was only given to staff at Sonic Team, so there are barely any of these anywhere! If you want one of these it may cost you an arm, a leg, and your soul to the devil..

Another 10th anniversary piece, the Sonic sliver ring! Imagine proposing to your partner with that! Actually, don't do that. Next to it is a SegaWorld London little statue that I've seen on ebay once. Just once. On the other side was the 15th anniversary Sonic statue which I didn't take a photo of because I don't have to, haha!

Finally here's a rather cute Chritsmas NiGHTS plush, of which I presume is mega rare like all the other NiGHTS plushes, even not even rareer than the rest for it to be in here. On the shelf below was the Black Knight script and next to this plush some box that I didn't get a proper look at, and to be honest I don't think anyone knew what it even was. Answers on a postcard please if you were there and know something about it.

So there we are! One thing I did like about this years Summer of Sonic is they were selling rare merchandise also, as you can see if my video of my swag i picked a couple things up but they also had some NiGHTS plushes for sale and other crazy rare things! If you were one of those that picked up some of the rare goodies on sale please send us photos and gloat.

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