Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stuff things into Sonic's Stomach and Carry Him About!

During my Birthday in late November and Christmas I was given a lot of Sonic gifts, many brought back from America. Of course being known for collecting just about anything with Sonic on it (within reason) does help in that case. One of my Xmas presents this time around was this rather large Sonic plush back-pack. Apparently these cost a small fortune in Sega's Gameworks park in Las Vegas (around $70!) but this one was found for a much less insulting $25 at a Fye's store. More photos after the jump.

This is made by the same manufacturer who made those Classic Sonic plush dolls including the rather neat Amy Rose one that I posted about a while back, and this back pack is a lot like the Sonic from that set, only much bigger of course and with more details. Unlike the plush toy the hands are not stitched to it's body in a waggling finger pose; instead they are quite thick and a bit bendy so it can give you a big hug, if you're into that sort of thing.

Here's some size comparing with the plush toy and one of those 3" figures to give you a gist of how big it really is. Of course it needs to be this big if it's supposed to be a back pack, and his belly is also quite big so stuff can be stored into it. As Stacey put it, this Sonic needs to lay off the chilli dogs, though I've seen fatter Sonic plushies funnily enough.

"Find the Computer Room!"

But that's the thing; you just can't store much in this. The storage is only the stomach part so you'd be lucky to even get a small book in here let alone your whole school supplies or something. Everything else is stuffed with fluff like Winnie the Pooh so his arms can't be used as pencil cases etc. As far as actually carrying anything around in it goes it's pretty useless.

Then again this was purchased for me knowing that'll it'll be sitting on a shelf with the other Plush toys as it is. So if you're after a large Sonic plush that just so happened to have a zipper on his belly and doesn't look like a lanky abomination like this one then you can do worse. As for storing stuff to carry around in a classic Sonic themed thing, you would do much better with one of these messenger bags which you may only look a bit of a tit carrying around instead of a complete tit. One thing I did notice with that bag however is at Summer of Sonic everybody had one. Yep...

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Barry the Nomad said...

Vector coming out of Sonic's stomach reminded me of that scene from Alien.