Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Phantasy Star Online’s Elenor action figure is awesome

While the ladies of PSO have received figures in the past via the SEGA Gals capsule toy collections, Japanese action figure company Kotobukiya has upped the ante with this awesome 5.3" figure of Elenor from Phantasy Star Online. The figure is currently available to pre-order from amiami for ¥2,530 ($31). Per the product description, the figure was initially sold in 2003 at Wonder Festival as a garage kit (I assume a build glue vinyl model kit?). Kotobukiya has reproduced the mold as a poseable plastic model kit rather than a PVC figure. The figure will be pre-colored, so no need to break out any paint. I assume you'd have to put it together, but it should be simple.

Check out the product page for a ton of photos and some very cool poses. 

[source: SEGAbits]

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