Thursday, 27 January 2011

Archie's Sonic #225 feeds of our SEGA memories

I'm on to you Archie! After losing me as a reader by not doing a Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation, you try to reel me back in with fancy double sized covers, anniversary logos and the promise of a return of the Death Egg. Well guess what, it's working. Recently revealed over at IGN is the super sweet cover art for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog #225, which shows the current cast (what happened to Rotor?!) running from the (DUM-DUM-DUMMM!) Death Egg. My guess is that the cover was done by longtime Sonic artist extraordinaire Patrick Spaziante. The story arc is titled the Genesis saga and will play out over the summer during Sonic's 20th anniversary.

Looks like I'll be picking up a few Sonic comics over the summer! And then come winter they'll lose me again by starting a story arc involving Julie-su and Mina the Mongoose creating a girl band.

[source: Sonic Stadium]

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