Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Virtua Fighter 1 Bandai keychain figures


At the same as I bought all those keychain Sega girls some time back I also got this set of six Virtua Fighter keychains. Judging by the auction they were produced by Bandai around the time the first Virtua Fighter game was released. I assume this is not a complete set either as Pai and Lau Chan are missing from the original roster of 8 here, or 9 if you count Dural but they rarely make toys of her. This is unless they just forgot those two for some reason, I guess I won't know unless I see some kind of packaging that these did not have. Either way check after the jump for more photos!
This set are all about the same size as the Sega Girls set, though these ones are not so much in a chibi style nor do they have little stands to keep them upright, so a majority of them are not really made for displaying. These also had little keychain holding rings stuck in their heads which I carefully twisted out so they would look better in photos. If you look at them from the top they have holes in their heads now, some of which have an odd red paint around them. Aaah, blood! I killed them! That's of course except they are lumps of plastic, so never mind.

Here is every character next to their manual art, because I'm weird like that..

Akira, the Ryu of the worlds first polygon based fighting game series, doesn't really even look that ready for a fight in this little figure. In fact he looks a bit bored. He can stand at the very least so he has that going for him, and the pose is decent enough it's just that face...he really doesn't care if he wins or loses does he?

Jacky is in a mid jump pose punching, as you can see in the photo obviously..not sure why I needed to type that out. His face is a bit odd looking, with an expression like he needs to take a good dump plus he is impossible to stand up right. Then again these things were made for dangling alongside your keys so with that in mind the pose is neat, especially if you hooked one of the other characters onto the same chain so it looks like they are scrapping. Also his hair isn't quite as spikey as I would have liked, oh well.

Sarah is in a kind of an awkward looking kick pose that actually looks more like she is copying Chun-Li's spinning bird kick than it does one of her own attacks. The sculptors seem to put more attention to detail into her legs than they did her face, which is a little off looking. Still,not too bad, but there are much better figures of her out there.

Kage looks pretty cool in his miniture keychain form. They got all the little details down well, for how few he has in that ninja get up. He is also able to stand up pretty well by himself, so well done lad.


Wolf is a pretty good design, although he is another one in a pose that is impossible to stand up without the aid of some blu-tac. The pose is kind of funny though, like he is having a bit of a bratty tiff, stomping about the place because he ringed out, which is why he ended up getting big gates installed on his stage in the next game. That or he is just avoiding a punch from Jacky, if you were to put those two together..

I have saved the best for last, the main reason I bought the set was for this Jeffery one. He stands out a lot from the others, firstly because he looks a bit more chibi than the others with his big head, but he is also possibly the most well designed and most appealing. He has a great expression on his face and is blocky all over, much like the game. He also stands up perfectly by himself and doesn't look out of place next to the much later Sega produced sets with the stands. He is also..


...nicking the game disc! Oi! Akira and Kage are ready to battle for it, but to be honest it's wasn't the best port of the game anyway.

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