Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sega Gals Keychain figures

I bought these two small keychain figures of Rage (from Virtua Cop) and Bahn (from Fighting Vipers) back at Summer of Sonic 2011, and ever since they have been waiting for some company from the same set..

..until now! Recently I bought this small collection of Sega keychain figures that are exactly like these two, right down to the little blue stands with their names on. These however are from a different set released at the same time (1998) of Sega's many ladies! Hit the jump for photos galore and more info on the (almost) complete set.

I have picked up six in all, though the series has a total of nine. They are all from Sega's Saturn-era fighting games Last Bronx and Virtua Fighter, with the exception of one from Virtua Cop though she also showed up as a playable fighter in Fighters Megamix.


Virtua Fighter was, as we all know, massive in Japan. The characters available here are all but one of the woman in the series as of Virtua Fighter 3 in 1996, which was later ported to the Dreamcast. All that's missing here is a toy of the mysterious boss character Dural. There has since been quite a few new ladies in the series since these were made, though Pai and Sarah are still the most iconic for having been there from the very first game, and they are even going to be playable alongside Akira in Dead or Alive 5.

Last Bronx was hardly the run away hit I think Sega was hoping for it to be as their premiere weapons based fighting game, but it has a cult following and a rather decent port on the Saturn and much later in Japan only on the Playstation 2. The characters were also pretty memorable with the three girls from the game in this set, of which I am only missing Lisa.

Then we have Janet from Virtua Cop 2. Looks like Rage has found his partner in justice! As mentioned Janet was also playable in Fighter Megamix, where she was one of only three characters with weapons. Funnily enough she also had similar fighting moves to Virtua Fighter 3's Aoi, also in this set! Maybe they spared together in the same dojo.

So out of this collection I am only missing three: Lisa from Last Bronx, Amy Rose from Sonic CD and, much to Bahn's dismay: Honey from Fighting Vipers. Seems a shame they didn't make any of the other ladies from Vipers such as Grace and Jane. If someone can find me these three to buy somewhere that'd be great, if just to stop Bahn sulking..

Here are some close up shots of each figure next to their instruction manual renders. These did have metal rings in their heads for using them as key chains which I twisted out. Despite their chibi stylings, the Virtua Fighter figures are not based on how they looked in Virtua Fighter Kids, which I believe there was a whole set of key chains made just for those. I have more Virtua Fighter keychains to show you another time.

DSCF9992 DSCF9990 DSCF9989

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