Thursday, 12 January 2012

Metal Sonic statue is here! Photos galore!

Came home this afternoon to find this sitting in my corridor! As you could probably guess I couldn't wait to tear this box open (well, tear it open in a very careful nerdy manner anyway) to see! I don't have time for an unboxing video so I took a truck load of photos instead! Just play this music in the background while looking at the pics and will get a similar impression!

Lots (and lots and lots) more photos after the jump!

Here's the box that was in the box! Nice and colourful as always, though no little touches like the hidden chaos emeralds that the Super Sonic box had. Still very nice tough.

The back of the box, with a lengthy blurb about the character and the statue. Of course he's cold hearted, he's a sodding robot! Hang on a minute, what product number does that say? Number 64? Blimey! You see with the Super Sonic statue I got number 198, and forgot all about sending them the code on the card to get the same number next time. Looks like it's a good thing I didn't!

Last photo of packaging I swear! There's a nice laser cut image of the statue on the foam bit, much like last time! Anyway let's pop this open!

The statue is packed in three parts: the Stardust Speedway inspired stand, Metal himself and oddly enough one of his feet, which had to be attached to his leg which was a little fiddly. Unlike Super the light up elements are in the statue itself so it has a big connector that plugs into the stand. Only snag I found with this is when turned on the slightest movement in the statue would make it flicker on and off a bit, so making sure it's plugged in nice and snug at just the right angle is needed, at least with my one anyway.

Now finally, photos of the statue complete, some from arty farty angles!


But you know, one of this statues biggest draws is how it lights up! Not only does it have the same flashing speed spike things that Super sonic had, but he also has menacing red glowing eyes and his engine lights up too! I took a chunk of photos in the dark, which this camera is not best at but should give you a good idea how badass it looks.

One thing you might notice is one of Metal's eyes seems to be brighter than the other. I've heard others that got this statue say the same so it's not just mine. To be honest it's only really noticeable in these photos, not so much to the naked eye unless you're looking really close, in which case you are in Metal's personal space and should maybe back off..

So how does it stack up the other statues? Well before I get to that here's a photo of my entire Metal Sonic collection. Well, all but one: the little Sonic & Knuckles Tomy one that's in the loft at the moment. Funny to think that until a couple years ago that toy was the only Metal Sonic figure you could buy (that and an ultra rare plush toy) and thanks to Jazwares and First4figures we now have all these! Seeing as Metal is my all time favourite Sonic character, I had to have them all!

Now howabout those other statues? Well height wise Metal is taller than the Sonic statue but shorter than the Super Sonic one. Stand wise the Chemical Plant one is still the most impressive. In fact I'd say the Stardust Speedway stand is a little bit bland compared to the other two, I think it's the lack of much detail especially on the top of it. Character design wise however Metal is my favourite but I may be a little bias.

Good thing about the height of Metal is it can sit just inbetween the other two on my game shelf's. Notice how each character has their matching mini figures with them too, like cute little mini mes. Awww.

Hang on, just wanna set up a dream event that never happened in the games..

There we go.


FriendofSonic said...

Awesome writeup! Cheers from Sonic Retro.

Arun said...

Great looking statue. I saw it for sale at a local comic book store, but it's a little out of my price range. I could only drool outside the glass case.

MarieBlur said...

The last photo... is so damn freakin' priceless. I want the same statue but for now I have to pay the nendoroid, Collector's and other special editon figure -O-