Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sega Official UK Magazine 1994-95

Sega Official UK Magazine Collection

So I've finally got my hands on a complete set of this magazine. A friend of mine is moving to Sweden soon and is selling a majority of his game collection, and he let me have these for nothing. I also bought a bunch of stuff from him including a pile of Game Gear games, a Sega Nomad and even a Tiger with Sonic Jam, because of reasons.

Sega Official UK Magazine Collection 2

All 22 issues are here. it was a pretty short lived magazine at least by this name, as afterwards it was renamed to the official Sega Saturn magazine, of which I have all but a few of those. I did have a load of these mags as a kid, but you know how it is: they probably got binned due to lack of space. Also got some Mean Machines Sega mags including one with a bonus Comix Zone comic strip, which I have never seen before (want to scan this soon). Got a few of the freebies from the official mag too like a large 'History of Sonic' up to 1993 thing and a huge Virtua Fighter 1 poster in all it's blocky goodness.

My friend also found a Sonic sticker album which he is posting over to me. Not sure how many stickers it needs but we'll see! Either way as far as I can tell there are barely any scans of these mags online so I hope to get time to bring you scans of some highlights.


Barry the Nomad said...

Finally on the Nomad train eh? :D Sweet mag collection too!

I think I need to get around sharing my Dreamcast magazine collection here. Perhaps February is unofficially "Magazine Month" now!

jamcakes said...

Is there any way I can request a single page scan of one of those magazines? There is one page in particular I'm after! :D

Great collection.