Monday, 2 January 2012

First4figures teases new Tails statue.

So First4Figures have just stuck this picture up recently on their Facebook of yet another statue in their classic Sonic range, this time of Tails flying on what appearers to be a stand based on the Mushroom Hill zone.

I have to say though, "Coming in 2012" seems very unlikely to me, seeing as we are only just now getting our orders for the Metal Sonic statue, which was revealed in 2010, and there is a Knuckles statue due before this one as well, so judging by how each statue has eventually shown up one per year around Jan/Feb, a more realistic date for this one may be something like 2014. Fine by me, to be honest: I wouldn't be able to afford more than one of these a year and to be honest I might not pre-order the Knuckles and wait till the regular version is in shops like Forbidden Planet. My wallet can only take so much punishment!

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