Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sonic Tomy Gacha Capsules: Russian Roulette with Toys

I've seen these little Sonic toy capsules quite a bit over the past year. They're at Target, they're at Wal-Mart and they were at the local "$5 or Less" store. It was at the last location I finally caved and picked up three, in hopes that I wouldn't be screwed over with two werehogs and a Shadow. So just what are these things? Well, think of those 50 cent toy dispensers, mark the price up eight times and instead of your chance resting on what the bottom toy capsule is, your figure depends on which capsules you blindly grabbed. Each capsule contains one of six figures: Sonic, Super Sonic, Metal Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and the Werehog. Each figure must be built, and usually consist of three to five parts. I think most people think that there is a method to picking the best capsules, but really grabbing the first three or every second one that rolls out of the box will have equal chances of getting a good one.
After the break, lets see what I got! Did I get screwed over? Or did I snag three Metal Sonics, thus winning a jackpot (if you apply slot machine gameplay to the capsule toys).

*POP!* goes the first one! Let's see inside... Can you guess from the arm?

It's Sonic, in three parts! Great way to kick off the capsule toys! Even if I get two crap figures next, I'll be happy that I got the titular star of the series in capsule toy form. Shame it isn't as awesome as the ones found in Shenmue. The neck is a bit long, and his feet are uneven. Also, they failed to paint his buckles yellow. I guess "quality" does not exist in Tomy's dojo. Next figure! *POP!*
SUPAH SONIC! I considered changing up the real life order so that it appeared that I opened this one last, but I hate lying to my readers. Super Sonic is clearly one of the top two toys in the collection, the other being Metal Sonic. Unlike regular Sonic, his arm will not stay on. Blue poster tack to the rescue. The pose, seen at the end of this post, is very much like Silver using his telekinesis. Okay, third and final figure. Please be Metal, please be Metal, don't be Shadow... *POP!*
It's knucklehead! Long time no see. Knuckles comes in five pieces, and is a bitch to put together and to keep together. Should call him Fuckles. Well, once again, I goo'd him up with poster tack and he stays together rather well. Knuckles looks really creepy without the top of his head. Just check out the extreme close-up:
What's with Knuckles toys looking freaky? Compare the above photo with the photo below. Which is scarier?
And so ends our Sonic capsule toy opening fun. Are these worth $4 each? Well, it's fun taking a chance for good figures, but the quality is quite low on these so I can't really recommend them. I say if you're a thrill seeker and really want a Super Sonic or Metal Sonic figure, go for it. But don't buy too many. three or four should be enough.

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Cool!!! I'll buy it to my kid! Kinder Surprise are boring now))