Monday, 10 October 2011

Rollerblades with ATTITUDE.

As a little brat I used to go roller-blading from time to time at one of those indoor places where a whole bunch of kids would be roller-blading in a big circle with a disco ball and whatever music was in at the time. I played Bomberman for the first time on an arcade cabinet there, but that's got nothing to do with this blog so er...hey look Sonic roller-blades! Or roller-skates, whatever you want to call them.


I had these at some point during my childhood but wherever or not I took them to that indoor thingy or if they gave you a pair to ride about in there I don't know. There was also a skateboard and a crash helmet from what I recall but the latter was only in adult size from what I recall, could be wrong though. I got the skateboard one Christmas but ended up takeing it back and using the money to get Sonic & Knuckles instead. More photos and rambling after the jump!

These are not my original pair, they were gone years ago, probably when I got bored of them/the roller-blade park shut down/they started to stink etc etc. I picked up this pair earlier this year from a car boot sale. I'm not sure why, I obviously wouldn't fit in them (or dare wear them even if they did fit) but I think it was just the sheer curiosity of seeing them again. That and they make a sort of interesting article here, do they not? Don't answer that.
Oh roller-BOOTS. I'm sorry, these things go by no many names!

I think the main draw was the fact they were boxed and were in rather good condition, unlike the skateboards I've seen from time to time which have always been wreaked. The box espcially caught my eye because of the unique artwork on it, I thought it looked familar and sure enough... appaers they copied the art from this panel of Richard Elson's art from Sonic the Comic issue 10! well, the pose is the same although it not a direct trace of it. Elson drew this pose several times in these early issues, but the only thing that tips me off on it being from this panel in particular is that curve at the end of the spike on top of his head.

So that's the roller-blades. Not a lot to say about those except they have Sonic's face on them and this little quote on the sides, and the box art is kind of interesting. The early 90's were a time where you could buy just about anything with Sonic's mug on it. The same is almost happening again now, but no sign of a modern Sonic skateboard just yet.

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Anonymous said...

Man I totally had these as a kid and for some reason I just remembered them today....I still think it would be cool to skate around in these. If I find a pair, I hope I could still fit into them!