Monday, 12 September 2011

Even More Jazwares Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures!

I've held off on sharing a lot of these as I was awaiting to have every figure that I wanted in my hands. Now that that time has come, I can finally show off everything in one go, so prepare yourself for an epically sized Sonic action figure post. Hey, at least it's better than me spamming SEGA Memories with a new figure every day. Who wants an article dedicated to a Silver figure? I know I don't. After the break: a lot of stuff!

First up is the awesome Super Sonic 2-pack, containing 5" figures of both classic and modern Sonic in their super forms. This pack came as a huge surprise to fans, as it was never mentioned at any trade show or in any form of social networking from Jazwares. It just sort of appeared in Toys R Us stores as an exclusive and fans were quick to flock to stores to grab one (or two or three). In fact, during the first week of the figure's release, nitwits tried flogging these on ebay for insane amounts of money. The 2-pack retails for $20, but auction prices went as high as $50 to $60! Thankfully, the figures soon became quite easy to find in stores and is now readily available at Toys R Us's website (and that goes for all the other figures mentioned here). Both figures are awesome, featuring hollow heads that make for easy standing and a large amount of articulation. If you had to buy ONE Jazwares item, I'd say go for this two pack.

Up next are the 5" counterparts to the Super Sonic pack, individually sold classic and modern Sonic figures. Oddly enough, while Toys R Us carries these, both of which are new sculpts and are in their correct shades of blue, Target stores are carrying a different pair of figures. Target's pair seem to be earlier versions of the two, as Target's classic Sonic is in the darker modern Sonic shade of blue and modern Sonic appears as the old Unleashed 5" figure complete with heavy head and goofy hands. If you intend to pick these up, go to Toys R Us (either in store or online), at least until Target catches up and offers the revised figures. Both are just as great as the super versions and are two of the best figures Jazwares has to offer in the 5" line. Definitely pick these up.

Returning to the 3" figure line that I covered in previous articles (the first wave of figures and classic Tails), we have Knuckles and Egg Pawn representing 2003's Sonic Heroes. While Knuckles is a repackage, the figure is relatively new so most fans might not have picked one up yet. The figure is awesome, far better than 3" Sonic and on the same level as 3" Tails. The Egg Pawn is one of the best enemy accessories of the set, as it is basically a second figure complete with movable arms. Of all the modern figures, I'd say 2003 Knuckles is the best!

On the other end of the spectrum is the Silver figure. There are so many things wrong with this one: it represents an awful game, features an awful character, the figure has color flaws that have yet to be corrected despite being a rerelease (his gloves should be white), Silver is much smaller than any other character (next to Espio he is itty bitty), the enemy is cheaply made and is not to scale PLUS the name "Iblis" is misspelled as "Lblis" on the package. The only real positive I can say about this pack is that Silver can do some cool poses with his psychokinetic hands. Unless you are going for a full set, or love Silver, skip this.

Here comes 3" classic Super Sonic to wash the bad taste of Silver out of my mouth! I was apprehensive at first to pay an inflated price for a figure because of a tin case being included, but having opened it up: I like the tin. It makes for a great centerpiece to the collection. If one opens all their figures like I do, it's nice to have something with the 20th logo to place amongst the collection. Super Sonic has the same body as regular Sonic, and a brand new super angry head. There is another tin pack for sale, but it features the same tin with the regular classic Sonic which can also be found in the 1991 moto bug pack. Best thing to do is to grab the 1991 pack and this one.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Perhaps the best figure of the collection is classic Dr. Eggman. While Sonic merch of the 90's featured a number of characters, Eggman very rarely, if ever, received a figurine or doll. When he did, western fans would receive the english Robotnik design. As such, it's great to finally have a figure in the Japanese design. Both arms are very articulated, the legs only move at the hip but hold Eggman's bulky body well. Neither the waist nor head pivot, which is the same as the modern Eggman figure. I'll admit, the Egg Robos aren't as great as they could have been, but it's nice to have a representation of them. I think what they need are a bit of white paint on their gloves and the ability to be in a hovering pose, rather than uncharacteristically standing. Still, for $15 the Eggman alone is worth it.

Keeping the spotlight on Eggman, we jump from 1994 to 2008. This time modern Eggman is packaged with two Egg Fighters, the main badnik of Sonic Unleashed. Modern Eggman has been released before, with Metal Sonic, so the two Egg Fighters are the main draw here for those who already own an Eggman. They're well detailed, and look great flanking Eggman.

Or... making pyramids.

Thus concludes my write up on the Sonic 20th Anniversary Jazwares figures, at least until they release more. Classic Knuckles, classic Metal Sonic and classic Amy are rumored. A 10 inch classic Sonic is confirmed, but has yet to release. So until next time, Sonic figure fans!


The GagaMan(n) said...

My parents are gonna be out in America in December and have asked if there's anything out there they want me to bring back, and I can safely say that Super Sonic pair and the classic Eggman are on the top of that list!

djm722 said...

I am so getting these. Unfortunately, Gamestop doesn't seem to have them (I should really just ask,) and Target only has a select few. If I go to TRU I'll probably pick up the Super Sonic double pack. Oh, and Silver of course, as I'm a fan (but he's second to the awesomeness of dah supah foms!)