Thursday, 29 September 2011

Early '80's SEGA Ads Are... Interesting.

Thanks to the awesome free to use television archive site, operated by The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, I came across three very old SEGA ads for games released to arcades, Atari and ColecoVision consoles. That's right, these are pre-Master System ads! Funny how SEGA was a publisher then, and they're a publisher now. When you think about it, SEGA really wasn't in the console business for long when you look at their entire history as a company.

After the break, check out three old ads!

This ad is for the SEGA arcade game Carnival for home consoles. Even back in the early '80's, SEGA was producing odd and kooky ads. The only thing missing is one of the old men yelling "SEGA!".

Up next, a very strange Congo Bongo ad featuring the voice of English-born American comedian Henny Youngman, creator of the line "Take my wife—please". Wow. I especially like the audience reaction, as though his comments are hilarious. Ok, I did sort of chuckle at "Hey lady! This is a one way street!"

FROM THE MASTER DESIGN ENGINEERS OF SEGA. I love how the narrator first says "Zaxxon". I might just answer my phone that way from here on out.

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