Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures Are Here!

Jazwares has finally shipped the first wave of Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary figures to stores! I feel like we've been talking about this line forever. Since February, we here at SEGA Memories have been eagerly anticipating this action figure line that promised characters (and enemies) from Sonic's twenty year history. Details were spotty, but thanks to convention photos we were able to piece together what would be the collection. Now that the first wave has hit, and details have leaked about the second wave, we know what figures are out there and what to expect.

After the break we take a look at 1991 Sonic, 1998 Sonic, 2001 Shadow and 2010 Tails!

Showing off the best figure first: it's classic Sonic with Motobug! Jazwares has really nailed the classic look, with a brand new figure that looks just as great as First4Figures releases. Sure he doesn't have as much joint movement, but when he's stuck in the box it's really not an issue. Yes, I've decided to not open 1991 Sonic. I figure he is the best looking figure of the bunch, and coupled with the Green Hill Zone background he looks great on the shelf. Motobug (incorrectly called Moto Bug) looks decent, though it clearly follows the Sonic Generations design. So it's technically a 2011 Motobug and a 1991 Sonic. From what I can tell, the wheel does not spin and there is no sign of him being able to stand on his own. So again, best left unopened. If you're going to get one figure from the line, make it this one.

We jump ahead 7 years to the Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure! Correctly labeled with the 1998 Japanese release date, this 2-pack features the redesigned modern Sonic and the Spinner badnik standing in front of Speed Highway. Sonic nerds would probably note that the badnik was actually called "Spina" in Sonic Adventure and received the Spinner name and redesign in 2008's Sonic Unleashed. The figurine seems to have design traits of both Adventure and Unleashed, with Adventure's color and eyes and Unleashed's mouth and blades and looks the most like the sprite of Spinner as seen in Sonic Colors DS. Alright, enough geeky talk. Overall spinner looks great with silver and gold paint, and looks quite cool sat next to Sonic (I assembled a plastic base out of remnants from the figure package). Modern Sonic is the same 3" Sonic found in previous Jazwares releases, and as such isn't as great looking as more recent figures. Still, if you have yet to pick up a 3" Sonic, this is a good one to pick up thanks to the badnik.

Sonic fans should instantly notice that the big "2000" above Shadow's head is incorrect. There was never a game released in 2000 featuring Shadow, as Shadow debuted in 2001's Sonic Adventure 2. The figure itself is, like Sonic, a repackaging of the old Shadow figure. Still, he looks great and stands up well. He and a GUN Mono Beetle are sat in front of City Escape. While the Mono Beetle is quite a boring enemy robot, I'd have preferred Kiki the monkey, it is instantly recognizable as a Sonic Adventure 2 enemy and will be appearing in Sonic Generations. Like Spinner, I had to construct a little base for the Beetle. Otherwise, he'd look like he's taking a nap on the ground next to Shadow. Like Sonic, this isn't a very exciting figure thanks to the odd enemy and repacked figure, but if you've yet to pick up a Shadow and want one this is the one to get.

The fourth figure comes from Sonic's most recent game: 2010's well received Sonic Colors. This figure surprised me! Tails, while previously released without the badnik, is a really nice figure. He doesn't topple over and I prefer his open hands to Sonic and Shadow's always-ready-to-punch fists. The badnik is pretty cool, despite a limited color scheme and limited movement. Sandworm originally appeared in Sonic & Knuckles Sandopolis stage and received a redesign for his appearance in Sonic Colors. So, in a sense, you could say you're getting both a classic and a modern badnik. I like how he appears to be popping out of a hole in the ground. Next to classic Sonic, 2010 Tails is the best of the bunch.

So what's next for Jazwares? Well, early ebay sales point towards the release of classic Tails & Grabber, modern Knuckles & Egg Pawn, Silver & Iblis Biter and modern Eggman with two Egg Fighters. After that, we can most likely expect classic Eggman & Eggrobos, classic Knuckles and (fingers crossed) classic Metal Sonic.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Looking forward to picking up the classic Sonic and Tails, not really fussed about the others. That classic eggman with eggrobos had better still be in production after they teased it!

Barry the Nomad said...

The classic ones are well worth getting, but yeah, I'd pass on the others. I picked them up mostly because I've been meaning to get those figures in the past and the enemies are a nice little bonus.

I think we can expect classic Eggman in the third wave, unless he magically appears in the second wave of figures. I'd assume classic Knux will represent Sonic 3 and Eggman will represent S&K.

Raveakidd said...

sooooo are these out in the UK yet?

Ryan said...

love sonic!! gona have to get me one of these now!!!