Tuesday, 5 July 2011

NiGHTS into Dreams is 15 Years old today.

Funny how NiGHTS anniversary is so close to Sonic's really: only 5 years and 11 days between them. Both were the defining games for their respective Sega consoles though while one went on to become one of the biggest franchises in the industry the other has barely been seen of in it's entire existence with only two games (and Christmas NiGHTS which was sort of an expansion to the original) under it's belt, yet NiGHTS continues to have a large passionate fan base.NiGHTS had quite a big presence at Summer of Sonic which I would like to think pleased Yuji Naka and co greatly.

Now would be a great time to join in on the NiGHTS 15th Anniversary campaign if you haven't already, in the hopes that Sega may be convinced into porting the original Saturn game to the downloadable serviced. All you have to do is click button, simples! Also check out this interview with Naka and Iizuka over at nightsintodreams.com and this old Sega Memories article about a cute toy of the character I own!

UPDATE: As promised the OC Remix NiGHTS album was released today, go download it for free here! Also, Sega is asking on facebook if people would like to see NiGHTS re-released and where, so now is the time to be heard!


Barry the Nomad said...

Happy 15th NiGHTS!

Crazy that is has been 15 years...

Aside from the 6 comics books, I don't have much NiGHTS merch. Mostly because it's too danged expensive. It would be awesome if F4F created a line of NiGHTS PVC figures.

Lungo said...

Happy belated birthday NiGHTS! And OMG yes, classic NiGHTS statue please.