Friday, 15 July 2011

Sonic Adventure 2 Era Fan Comic - "Chao Fan World"

Digging through my old image files, I came across these remnants of Sonic fandom past: my old Sonic Adventure 2 chao fan comic "Chao Fan World". Dated August 20th, 2001, these Sonic Adventure 2 inspired comics began when I frequented the forums at The Sonic Foundation . As forum members began to raise their chao, they shared photos and drawings of their weird creations. Thanks to SA2's hero/dark theme, players were able to raise some pretty crazy looking chao. From angels and rabbits with pumpkin heads to legless bat creatures with skull heads. At the time, I had wanted to create a Sonic fan comic, but wanted to create something a bit more offbeat. So, I ignored the main characters of the Sonic universe and instead focused on the chao. After putting out a call for forum members to share their chao, I put together a short lived fan comic called "Chao Fan World".

After the break, check out the four episodes of the comic along with a comic cast page!

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This page introduces the stars of the comic, including a Sonic cameo. The nerd at the top named "EatMyDust" is me, "EatMyDust" was my forum name.

What happened next? Who knows! I never finished it. But I'd like to think I could have finished the story after three or four more episodes. I'm glad I finally got to share this strange artifact of my Sonic fandom and I hope you all enjoyed reading it!

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