Sunday, 31 January 2010

Those 'Sega Gals' Return

Oh the humanity!

Waaaaay back before I read or wrote for this blog, Gagaman wrote about some awesome Sega Gals capsule toys. Since finding and reading that post, I knew I had to get me some Sega gals! So, after a few months of occasionally checking ebay, I found the first series of six for a cool $24. As Gagaman already covered Ulala and Arle, I'll share the other four famous gals.

First up is one of my favorites from the first series of gals, Sarah Bryant of Virtua Fighter fame, specifically Virtua Fighter 4. I'm not an expert on action figures, but the paintjob is very nice. The gloss used for her body suit makes for a great feux leather.

"Better run home to Mama now."

The next gal is a classic, the female newman Nei from Phantasy Star II. Nei was easy to assemble, until it came to cutting her tiny claw weapons from a little model mold. One wrong move and she would have broken a nail!
Behind Nei's thigh, in the photo above, is a concept drawing of her. While you can't see it, the resemblance is uncanny. Almost as though she were ripped from the game and placed into a capsule toy machine.

Our third gal (yeesh, I feel like I'm hosting a Miss America pagent) is a lesser known from the 1992 Sega arcade game Arabian Fight (did you catch the cheesy thing they did with the title?). Ramaya isn't my favorite of the series, mostly because I have no clue who she is outisde a breif mention in a Wikipedia article and a few screen shots. Also, her feet were hell to get on. You can still see that they're not fully attached. Poor gal...

Finally we come to a Sega gal who had such a strong presence in her game, yet appeared for only a brief few seconds. It's Red Ring Rico of the Dreamcast's Phantasy Star Online! Rico mostly appears in text form throughout the game, speaking to the player via old journal entries. It isn't until the final boss that [SPOILERS] Rico's soul escapes from the defeated Dark Falz. As one who played PSO, I have to admit that I rarely read the optional journal entries from Rico. So once I reached the final boss, I assumed Rico was actually the villian of the game and not a victim. Watch Rico in her blink and you'll miss her appearance.

Here are all the gals, happy on a shelf together.

Overall, the 'Sega Gals' capsule collection is excellent. Very few duds, if any, and it can be found at decent prices. Even individual figures only sell for $5 to $8 each.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Ah cool, all the other ones. Other than the Sarah one I probably wouldn't pick any of these ones up personally (never been much into Phantasy Star), but they're nice none the less. I believe there is also another version of the Ulala toy donning her white outfit from the sequel.

Barry the Nomad said...

Yeah, I had the chance at getting the other Ulala (as the auction was for multiple sets, some with the white outfit) so I took the gamble. I was shooting for the white outfit, but I like the orange one just as much.

I really need to get the Honey figure.

H Hog said...

Heh, I've had the full set of figures for quite a while now, though sadly my Nei indeed broke a nail. :< used to have them, that's where I got them from.