Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sega's project Needmouse Badnik Challenge

Ok, so now Sega is really pulling at my heart strings with their project Needlemouse hype. While I'd love for them to just give us a darn screenshot or video already, they made me very happy by revealing a piece of concept art a couple weeks ago of a classic badnik. Shell Cracker from Sonic 2, to be specific:

Now as you may already know, the badniks were always one of my favorite elements of the classic Sonic games: they were like the Pokemon of my childhood I suppose. Every zone had about 3 or 4 unique designs that did unqiue things and more often than not looked totally bad-ass or just plain silly, bit very well designed either way.

Sega's blog has decided to set up a challenge to get people to send them at least 100 pieces of badnik fanart, asking for one badnik you'd like to see from any of the original games (Game Gear titles, Sonic CD and Chaotix included). They want these posted in the comments section of the blog entry by Monday morning. 

The reward? A screenshot or video? bah! Not yet! But we will get concept art of the first zone, a reveal of the final title (all bets from the community have been on Sonic the Hedgehog 4) and 'something else special'. So probably more concept art then. As a treat they have also posted concept art of another badnik that is defiantly in: Motobug!

God dammit, I hate getting excited for a new Sonic game, it always leads to disappointment! Mind you, the return of the badniks is just the right thing to give me some faith in this: even if the game doesn't turn out to be the return to glory we hope at least those awesome little bastards are back. Check out my fanart showcase on badniks, and this toy set I own featuring a bunch of badnik figures, if you haven't seen them already.

Either way I'm entering something (if just as an excuse to draw a badnik) and will post it later. Post your entries here in the comments (though don't forget to post them at Sega's official blog too)!
For references, the badniks section of Sonic Retro's wiki is very handy.

Edit: Well here's my quick attempt at drawing one of my old favorites Ball Hog


Barry the Nomad said...

Nice! I knew this challenge called for a Sega Memories post. I plan on drawing Scratch as he appeared in Spinball, mostly as an excuse to enter Scratch into an official Sega competition.

Can't wait for the title! Sonic 4...?

Barry the Nomad said...

I was going to do Scratch,but went for something simple instead:

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of badnik art in the Sonic World section of Sonic Jam on the Saturn. I think (though I may be wrong), that you can save it all to your PC by putting the CD into your computer.

Hope this helps!