Monday, 5 January 2009

Sega Fanart Showcase: Badniks

While I'm in a badnik appreciation mood, it's about time i did another one of these fan art showcase things. The robot enemies in the classic games are one of the most underrated elements of the Sonic series, particularly now as Sega tend to only design about 4 robots for each game used in every single stage, whereas the old games had badniks unique to every zone. Sega really missed the boat in making the badniks a highly marketable part of the franchise as they were like the Pokemon of their time in a way, sort of. Anyway, here's to the metallic animals everyone loved to crash into! A lot of the fan art I found are 3d renders.

Attack! By Kamladolly

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Barry said...

Love the Scratch & Grounder art!
I just nabbed AoStH Volume 1 for $10 at a going out of business sale.

leumas said...

Haha! The Badnik Brigade one is too awesome. XD

Some great stuff, I really need to start drawing some of the badniks myself.