Friday, 23 January 2009

S.T.C Streets of Rage Comic Online

One thing I quite enjoyed about Sonic the Comic in it's early days was how there was stories based on a whole slew of Sega's most popular games at the time (and even a few based on third-party games from EA and Konami). One of the earliest to appear in Issue 7 was Streets of Rage, which went on to receive a three stories (one for each game I presume) and even a book collection.

This website called Geekenvy has some great Sega related articles and has also uploaded scans of the first Street of Rage story in all of its glory, written by Mark Miller and Illustrated by Peter Richardson. Considering the game's simplistic story and the fact that they could only get away with so much in a children's comic, they did a quality job on this.

If you want to download any of the S.T.C comics in their entirety, there is a complete archive over at a website called, though you have to sign up to download anything.


Peter Richardson said...

Really heartwarming to read the very generous comments about the "Streets of Rage" comic.

I have very happy memories of producing the artwork for the three Streets of Rage" stories. The scripts by Mark Millar who wrote the first two stories and the third by Nigel Kitching were great fun to play around with.

Nigel Kitching is also a very talented artist and produced some great and wonderfully wacky artwork for his own "Decap Attack" series.

Yup - good times indeed!

The GagaMan(n) said...

Peter: Yeah, Kitching's Decap Attack stories were another favorite of mine, and I got to meet him a month ago which was rather ace. Great to hear from you, Peter! :)

Peter Richardson said...

Good to hear that you met up with Nigel, which come to think of it I never managed, spoke a lot on the phone though. Streets of Rage was pretty much the last thing I did in comics until very recently but I am working on a graphic novel (the first of a trilogy) under the working title of Cloud 109.If you click on my name it should take you to the Blog where all will be revealed...