Friday, 9 January 2009

Some odd Commercials to kill some brain cells

Can't say I've seen these before, but the first video above popped up on Destructoid and it's advertising the Mega Drive to the public of India, starring a rather bizarrely voiced Sonic invading a kid's TV to BLOW HIM AWAY with Sega. Sega Who? WRONG ANSWER.

Next up is a commercial for Sonic Spaghetti (of all things) and what could of possibly of been one of Sega's many rejected mega Drive add on ideas: a food can holder thing that transports food from the screen into your gob. Yeah..

Speaking of Sonic junk food, here is what I presume is just a short snippit of a commercial for Sonic 3 life savers, that or it's the shortest most confusing commercial ever. Blink and you'll miss it, which is hardly a bad thing as when you do see it you might not be able to sleep tonight.

Darn it, as I'm writing this article I keep finding more oddities I haven't seen before. Here's one for one of those terrible Sonic Tiger handhelds. I had a few of these, unfortunately. They were barely playable and made horrid noises. Sega put there name on a whole slew of these, from After Burner to Virtua Fighter and even a Virtua Cop one that had a little gun you point at it's screen. Some were slightly better than others, but that's not saying much. Still, they're quite collectable now so i might write an article about them one day.


Barry said...

First one: wtf... "Sonic? Sonic who?" that boy is a failure.

Second: I remember this one well. I had a can of it in my room for a few years before it got lost aka thrown out by my mom. actually, on second thought, I think I ate it.

Third: All I remember is "hot" and "blue".

Fourth: I had the Sonic 2 Tiger game, loved it to bits. The animation on Sonic in this ad is quite good!

Cerium said...

I actually enjoyed that Asian one at the beginning... Am I weird?

leumas said...

I always wanted that Genesis can add-on when I saw that commercial. XD

Not sure if you've seen this one, but it's a Honey Nut Cheerios/Sonic cross over commercial of sorts.

Ryan said...

All good, except the spaghetti one, which is just horrible. Chemical Plant music on Mushroom Hill Zone? Sunglasses, indoors, in the dark? The same old mashing of random buttons to signify the playing of a video game? Blah, in the UK, we just saw the stuff in the supermarkets and got it because it had Sonic on it. No need to advertise it.

The Tiger one's really cute though, love that!