Saturday, 13 October 2007

'Sega Gals' Capsule Figures

As many who know me may well know, I'm one of those sad gits that has a room littered with not only games, but toys of said games. I posted an article at the Dreamcast Junkyard a while back about a few of the Sega related ones I have, but just today I got four new ones sent through the post, as much as I have been trying to A) sell any figures I don't want anymore and B) stop buying the darn things because I'm running out of space. I couldn't resist these one though.

These are four of the 'Sega gals' series of little Capsule Toy figure type things. There is about 12 of them in total to collect, and this guy on Ebay had the lot of them, but to be honest I didn't recognize some of them because I don't play many RPG's (or any RPG's, for that matter), so I just bidded on the ones I know well. There was also one of Sarah from Virtua Fighter that I was gonna have but I got outbid on it, and the Golden Axe one was kind of tempting but it wasn't anything special. These were my four favorites.

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Being capsule toys, they naturally arrived in capsules (well, two of them did, the other two were just bubble wrapped), and of course knowing what these little Japanese toys are like, they were in a dozen pieces in a bag, waiting to be put together. One of the bags decided to explode across the room when I opened it so I ended up spending a good few minutes searching the room for Honey's limbs!

Them's blobs are dirty little sods..

The first one I assembled was Arle from Puyo Puyo (see the Art Showcase a few posts down). Now I knew these things were going to be small but this was not quite what I was expecting! Arle is only about 9cm tall, but was also the easiest to put together with only a few parts. A good likeness but slightly disappointing because it really is very small.

Up down up down chu chu chu!

Ulala however, is much taller, bigger figure. These things are clearly made to be in proportion seeing as Arle is only supposed to be a kid (at least until Puyo Puyo 4 she was, anyway). Ulala was also the most complex to assemble. with loads of fiddly little bits like the microphone and those rocket packs that sit on her back, but it defiantly looks like the space reporter we all know and love. Very nice.

 The 2nd biggest was Honey (although I still refer to her as Candy as that was her name in the western version of Fighting Vipers I grew up playing), which is also a very good likeness and is very nicely made, although the model i got was a little under painted on one part of the skirt (you can't see it without being really close up though) and some black mark on her left boob. Hmm. There was also a rather worrying underwear only version of this model, which didn't leave much to the imagination. I may be sad, but I'm not that sad.

If you don't recognize this one I honestly don't blame as the game she starred in wasn't released outside Japan. This is Arsha from the Mega Drive game Monster World VI, the last in the Wonder Boy/Monster World series. I can't say I own this game but I've played it a lot via emulation and there's a very nice Sega Ages collection of the entire series on import for the Playstation 2 if you wanna grab it.This character is also a kid so it's figure is pretty small (but still not as small as the Arle one), and is probably the simplest design of the lot. It only really looks any good from a certain angle unfortunately, otherwise you can't really see her properly as she is rather leaned forward. maybe I didn't assemble it right. It's not bad but probably my least favorite out of the ones I got.

Just for the fun of it, here's some comparison photos of the capsule toys next to some of my other Sega toys..
Shit, leg it!



Smindas said...

Whilst not actually the subject of your blog, I've always been meaning to pick up those House of the Dead 2 figures. They're just so genius.

The GagaMan(n) said...

I ought to go into detail on those HOTD2 figures another time =)

Caleb said...

I never knew capsule toys came in different pieces.

I really don't have much experience at all with collectables.

J said...

That Candy model is awesome!! She was my favourite character from Fighting vipers. The only one I'd pick and the only one whom I'd let get hit by attacks that took off her armour.


Greg said...

Where did you buy the Cream toy ?