Sunday, 30 August 2009

Summer of Sonic '09: Neo Merch Zone photos galore!

Seeing as Sega memories is primarily a Sonic merchandise related blog (at least it's ended up that way), it only makes sense of provide a whole bunch of photos of the merchandise area of Summer of Sonic, so here we are!

These tiny little Sonic the Fighters plushies go for insane money, not sure why because they really are tiny and kinda cheap looking. Still, there's a Nack and Espio, which is unusual. That reminds me, I saw a guy in the queue for Nigel Dobbyn who had the much nicer full size Nack plush hanging out of his bag. Tad risky, isn't it?

The original copy of a page from Issue one of Sonic the Comic. You know, before Richard Elson came and blew these early issues art out of the water. Still neat, though.

Oh hey, it's these toys again! I almost forgot that you could buy them in individual packs like that with a stats card, as all of mine came from the box sets of 4. I don't have the Crabmeat anymore, boo hoo!

All the 10th anniversary stuff, including that CD/Coin/book set (that is actually quite cheap and easy to find), and the crazy expensive ring and laser-etched 3D Sonic in a crystal cube. Good luck finding those about!

I was three seconds from winning one of these denim jackets once. A guy I talked to who runs Summer of Sonic said it was probably one of them who beat me to it, that might be the same one, haha.

Oh look, it's that rubbish Supersonic record I have. Also look very carefully at the note about the Richard Jacques program, in the full size picture of course, your eyes can't be that good. Lol, UK:Resistance reference.

How to make an utterly worthless game worth something: get it signed by Yuji Naka.

You may recognize these. Well at least I do, cause they're on me shelf! Tee hee!

Sonic Rush shoes. Huh, new to me!

A print of a scene from Secret Rings, also signed.

Not from the merch area, but I guess this counts. These huge plastic stands have been about in game shops around the country,mas this one most likely has as it was pretty beaten up. Probably Mario fan boys throwing rocks at it or something.


Barry the Nomad said...

*drool* What a cabinet! I'm assuming that after the event, all items mysteriously went missing and Gagaman was carrying an unusually large burlap sack.

I especially like the S&K denim jacket.

Supersonic789 said...

Wow. Much more stuff then I thought there would be. My hatred for your luck boils more and more every day Gagaman >:U. Lucky bastard.

Smindas said...

That S&K jacket is a great amalgamation of heavy metal fashion and nerdy fanboyism. It's almost too perfect ;P

Barry the Nomad said...

I remember seeing a two page spread of awesome Sonic merch (including a few denim jackets) in the back of either my Sonic 1&2 or Sonic 3 strategy guide.