Monday, 24 August 2009

10 inches of Metallic Hedgehog Awesome

Jazwares, the guys who have made quite a few Sonic action figures as of late such as the Werehog and pose-able figures, are later this year (apparently September, but you never know with these things) releasing this rather ace looking pose-able Metal Sonic.
It's the old Sonic CD Metal Sonic too, not that rubbish thing in Sonic Heroes they called Metal Sonic. The guy seems to be making quite the come back as of late, also showing up in the new Mario & Sonic Olympics games, and of course there was that smaller mighty mugg style figure of him from Comic Con too not long ago.


Smindas said...

...well that looks rather good. Any word on pricing?

Barry the Nomad said...

This angle makes the head look a bit too oval-shaped, but the other gray plastic prototype images looked spot on. The paint job is lookin fine as well. I'd happily pay $45 for this.

The Coolinator said...

I like this figure much better than the most recent one that was advertised. It has the point nose and everything.

Supersonic789 said...

All this epic stuff going around and I never have money to buy it. I hate being a jobless teenager. It looks great, and for once, the nose doesn't look like its five times bigger then it should be. I had a SA2 Sonic figure thing, but its nose was ripped off, and its slowing succumbing to the forces of gravity. I also have a Shadow from the Sonic X series, doesn't look to bad either.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased this toy when I discovered it at a Toys R Us I was window shopping at. Detail is game accurate and makes for a good display figure. However, the joints CAN be stiff and the grey plastic is way too flimsy and fragile.. At one point, one of the thumbs (which is supposed to rotate) broke off at the pivot too easily... Not recommended for heavy play as you WILL end up with broken pieces... Figure ratings:
Display: 10/10
Play: 5/10 (not recommeded for play)