Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Another lazy commercial videos post!

The 'Genesis' is 20 years old from it's American release this week so why not?

This is a promo video presumably from 1989/90, before Sonic had even shown up. It's pretty long as it's a collection of commercials stringed together, but at least skip to 3:27 for the hilariously bad Stallone impression the narrator makes when talking about Rambo III.

This one is from Australia sometime around 1994/5 I'd imagine, when dodgy looking 3D animation like this was all the range. Vaguely interesting notes: the Ren & Stimpy footage shown is from an early beta build of the game, which you can find floating around the 'net' (which according to this Sega created). The beta is extremely basic with almost non existent level design and backgrounds. Also, when it talks about turning into Super Sonic in Sonic 3, doesn't that sound an awful lot like who currently voices Sonic in the modern games? Just a coincidence of course.

And yes, if you didn't already know in Australia they really do pronounce Sega as 'See-ga'. I wonder if the Aussie version of the Sonic games changed the logo voice to that. Probably not. This ad above for the master System is mainly notable for the rather ace rendition of the After Burner music. I also like how you could rent a Master System console in a sweet Sega branded suitcase of sorts.

Oh hey, here's some more Pirate TV ads I haven't linked to before! Above is a musical number about the Cyber Razor cut, and below is a rather bizarre shower scene Game Gear ad. Still my favorite Sega ad campaign of the lot.


Barry the Nomad said...

I thought I was hearing "seagull" in those Aussie adverts! lol
Love the old commercials.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I've only watched the Aussie one so far, but am now determined to track down that "different" Ren & Stimpy game...

Caleb said...

I love these old commercials.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed in the "Sega for he 90s" description for Phantasy Star II is surprisingly similar to, I don't know. METROID?!