Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New shirt designs from Meat Bun: including Alex Kidd!

Meat Bun have been selling unique creative video game t-shirts for quite some time now (such as the day of the Dead inspired Samba De Amigo design) and recently they released a new batch of designs including 2 Sega themed ones! First off, an Alex Kidd design! Never thought I'd see that! This one can be bought in either red or black and is illustrated by Ashley Davis, who has a great Tumblr dedicated to un-sung video game character illustrations, with many Sega characters!
Next up is 'Needlemouse' which is very much the same concept of some of the artwork displayed at the Sonic Generation art exhibit in that it gives us the bastard love child of Sonic and Mickey Mouse. This one is up for grabs in blue, black and gray. They are all available at $24 each. Must admit I need more t-shirts like I need a bullet to the head but I'm tempted in that Alex Kidd one!

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AmstraD said...

sonic Mouse is really neat !