Monday, 15 February 2010

You know your girlfriend is awesome..

...when she buys you these for valentines day!

It's those smaller figures by First4Figures! They are rather awesome (though the Tails one has a hard time standing up). They are also taller than most of the other miniature Sonic figures and don't suffer from any dodgy paint work or wonky eyes like the old Sonic & Knuckles set. maybe I'll post some more photos another time.


Stacey Wheeler said...

Hehehe I knew you'd love them bubby. Just had to be cautious cause I didn't wanna get you stuff you already have [something people do with me a lot but with SpongeBob stuff lol]. I was glad to finally find a Knuckles one in GAME, first time I went round I could only find a Sonic and Tails in Gamestation. Not easy to look when they have those toys under the counter full of queues.

Thing is though I don't know what to get you for like, your birthday and Christmas now. ;_;

Barry the Nomad said...

Awesome figures! Sweet vday gift :)

I was going to post photos of the Sonic picture book "Secret Admirer", but these at 100 times cooler (and I was too busy to post something anyway).

Old School Generation. said...

Nice toys!
I still don't have those :(

Tomleecee said...

Nice! I've got that sonic on my car's dashboard. His vacant stare always calms those sudden moments of road rage!