Monday, 8 February 2010

The Sonic Chess set and other bits and bobs

So we finally have some photos of the Gaya Entertainment range of classic Sonic stuff as seen over at the German website Spin Dash (thank Barry for finding these). Nice to finally see a classic Amy and Robotnik show up somewhere in all this stuff!

Squeeze toys for crushing in your hand over the many disappointments and frustrations that come in hand with being a Sonic fan!

Smaller squeezie keychains! The same deal but obviously smaller and with key chains attached to their noggins!

But best of all the Sonic Chess set (or '3D chess' as it says on the box just in case you've only ever played chess under a steamroller before). Notable for being the first classic Amy merchandise outside of Japan EVER, I believe.

A shame most of the pieces are just rings rather than say, badniks or something of that ilk. The rings aren't even gold painted! Oh well, you could always yank the rings out of their stand and chuck them all over the place if someone bumps into you, if you're odd like that.

So far I'm not aware if, where and when these are being released, but I'm pretty sure they won't just stay in Germany, or at least I hope not.


Lee said...

This is really cool looking even though Sonic honestly doesn't lend himself well to the slow and methodical nature of chess.

raveakidd said...

hey guys! i managed to grab hold of one of the Sonic chess sets! Made a video review! enjoy!

G. Ames said...

Pawns are the shortest and weakest pieces in chess. Pawns are also the only pieces in chess that move one way, but capture in another fashion. Unlike other pieces, pawns can only move forward, not backwards. They may only move directly forward one square at a time, unless they are still on the square on which they began the game; if it is the pawn's first move, it has the option of moving one or two squares, directly forward.