Friday, 1 August 2008

Tiny Sega keychains of awesome

As you may of noticed, I have managed to stumble upon quite a few bits of Japanese Sega junk in recent months, from Gashapon Sega gal toys to that art book and the little NiGHTS pre-order bonus. A little while ago (the last few posts have mostly been backlog) I also got my hands on this set of Japanese Sega keychains. They were quite cheap and there was two sets all selaed up amongst them, although one of the designs shown on the card (a white Sega Saturn) was missing. Even though they're keychains you could easily take the chain part off and keep them as little figures, which I've done by sitting them along my Dreamcast game shelfs. They're rather neat, I must say. Photos after the jump!


The whole set (except the Saturn) are based on some of Sega's biggest stars from the 80s. Would have been nice if a Alex Kidd or Wonder Boy was thrown in for good measure. They were made in 1997 so maybe they were made to advertise the Sega Ages Saturn releases. While we only got the one disc with three games on it, in Japan they released a whole bunch of Sega Ages discs, much like they do now for the Playstation 2.


The Opa-Opa of the set is fantastic. It looks just like it does in the games. Now if only it had a 500 Ton weight accessory to go with it.


I don't know how they managed to make a cute toy out of the biker from Super Hang-On, but they achieved it somehow by turning him into a kid sized biker with equally tiny bike and ballooned head. They've even managed to get a teeny Sega logo on his helmet.


Much like the Hang-On bike, they've given Mr.Space Harrier guy (does he have a name?) the super deformed treatment as well. However, the poor little bugger has had a Sega copyright cut into the full length of one of his legs. Both this and the hang-On toy do look remarkably like the in-game characters though, especially when seen from the back like they were in said games. Balloon sized head with standing, of course.


Finally, a toy of Pengo, the penguin that must of dipped into some tie dye to become those odd colours. Again a nice rendition of the character, although personally not one that means a great deal to me. The other three made the set well worth it though, as they were cheaper than most of the other Japanese toys I've picked up recently.


rupert said...

I want that Upa-Upa! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, great work. I have my own Sega related blog at check it out if you like (I only started it just over a week ago though).

The GagaMan(n) said...

Hey there, fantastic blog you got going there, I learned quite a lot reading about those Master System rarities. I'll be adding your link back, so I can keep track of it =)

NebachadnezzaR said...

The Hang-On one is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone mentioned yet that they look *exactly* like the ones you can get in Shenmue?

The GagaMan(n) said...

That's an interesting point there anonymous guy, as these came out about a year before Shenmue.