Friday, 15 August 2008

Sega of Americas Holy Grail

I'm sure if you browse gaming blogs you will have already seen this by now (most likely at Kotaku where they made up some rubbish about Sega forgetting all about it, either from mis-reading or an excuse to take a pop at Sega AKA gaming's whipping boy), but I can't NOT post about this archive of Sega's back catalog that they store at the American offices. Apparently it holds just about every game Sega has ever made or published, as well as all their consoles and peripherals. It truly is a beautiful sight to behold, and they have even more games stacked behind the ones shown in the photos!

A whole draw full of what look like Dreamcast GD-Rs. They even have a list for them all.

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Darn, even more GD-Rs, although according to the writer of the Flickr page they could very well be early builds or prototypes. You whats to guess they have some copies of Propeller Arena and maybe some betas in there?

Goddam that's a lot of Saturn games! The rest are PS2, Xbox and Gamecube games, and when looking quite close up it seems they've kept a bunch of games that were not produced by Sega too.

This appears to be where they keep all their PC releases, of which they seem to have a lot of copies of. There appears to be at least six piles of Sonic 3D there alone, and what do you know: I didn't know they ported Virtual On to the PC.

Even more Saturn games and shelfs full of Japanese and PAL Dreamcast games. Someone wipe the drool from my gob please..

There's a Dreamcast award of some sort her that in the full size photos reads "Sega Dreamcast: 1 million units sold, November 25 1999". Also a bunch of master System games, loads of PS2 and even more of those big PC boxes.

A whole slew of Mega CD games here, many of which I've honestly never even heard of (Bouncers? Wild Woody?). The 2nd shelf seems to be a Nintendo stash, and who knows whats in those hundreds of CD spinals at the bottom. One can hope it's original source codes that they could use to port classics to modern systems. If you find Chu Chu Rocket in there can you port it to Wiiware please?

A tall pile of PAL Dreamcast and on quote "some burns". Having a closer look at these burns shows they they have a propeller Arena demo, a whole bunch of E3 anf TGS demos and even some betas and alphas! Right near the bottom of the pile is "Dee Dee Planet Final". FINAL? Holy shit. If you haven't heard of Dee Dee Planet, it was a Death tank style Dreamcast game that never got released. All we ever saw of it was this video.

Piles and piles of peripherals and consoles, all of them never opened from their boxes. Oh how i would love to have a supermarket sweep through this room..

Finally a photo of an entire wall of shelfs. In the bottom corner they have every Pico game, a bunch of Japanese mega CD and Saturn games, GBA games, even more "burns" and much, much more. It's just so much to take in. Incredible.


rupert said...

I'm glad you noted Kotaku's 'Sensationalism'(i'll call it that to be fair). I dont think this is every Sega game though. ALOT of missing SMS games. I'd love a few hours to rummidge around that lot though :)

Ryan said...

Lots of wonderful 32X games too, any chance of bigger photos so's I can have a proper gander?

The GagaMan(n) said...

Ryan, what I should really do is link to the flickr photos in the images I posted so you can view them full size. I'll get onto that.

Bill said...

Thats not alot for being All of whats in sega america

Anonymous said...

Can u get in there?

RegalSin said...

I understand that some demo's are worth it, but the cake walk in the long run, is not worth it. That could be anybodies spare collection room.

I mean oh, wow SEGA. SEGA damned the Saturn with 3d games. Never releasing a true 3d sonic for the system, while Sonic was Booming on CH7.

Sega also cursed Working Designs, who was going to port a game for the Saturn but instead no.

Sega then released the Dreamcast as a Final attempt to stay in the console markets eye. Great by far, the real power of the Dreamcast lied within it's online capabilities. However like the dummies we are.

SEGA ignored, the RPG boom on the PSX, SNES, N64, GBC, and when Metal Gear Solid was released, nobody could give a rats arse about the Dreamcast.........which is a far better, system then the PS2 withouth the load times.

If SEGA had did it right, we would still be playing Saturn games, today. Then again SEGA don't have me as a team member.