Tuesday, 25 December 2012

First4figures latest statue announcement is...well..

How this for a Christmas present? First4Figures have today put out a preview of an upcoming statue. However, it is NOT a Sonic character. I have put the image after the jump because, well... it's a biggun.

Yeah. Didn't see that one coming, did you? I sure didn't. If I had a drink when I saw this just a moment ago it will have probably have got spat all over my monitor. I had never expected them to move on to other Sega franchises, let alone Shenmue.

First4figures also revealed a new photo of the upcoming Shadow statue, for those who dig the hog in black and red. Still not the entire thing, but I'm betting the base is designed to look like Radical Highway, which would be rather nice.

Classic Knuckles and Classic Tails are in the wild now. I don't have either of them myself as I had to resist pre-ordering those and will get the regular non-light up editions sometime down the line.

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