Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sega Memories DeviantArt Group

Where have I been then? Not writing Sega memories articles that's for sure, poor Barry has been doing all the work lately! To sort of make up for it, today I set up a group on DeviantArt to collect all the best fan art I can find on the website, much like what I've done here before with the Sega Fan Art Showcase articles. If you're signed up to the website you can send in suggestions to add to the collection too. I still haven't got quite my head around every element of this newly made feature of DeviantArt, so bear with me, but there's already a small lump of art collected up to see.


Barry the Nomad said...

This has inspired me to open an account!

Feel free to pick and choose from my gallery :) Maybe I'll even do new stuff!

Old School Generation. said...

Hi! I'm Jose from Spain. I just wanna say that your blog is awesome! I love it! I grow up playing SEGA games, specially Sonic games, and I also had every SEGA console. I really enjoy reading your posts. Good job!