Tuesday, 6 October 2009

10 Inch Metal Sonic... ACTIVATE!

10 Inch Metal Sonic has arrived! And as quickly as he arrived, he is now sold out from the Toys R Us online store. It's no wonder that this figure went so fast, just look at him! A near perfect figure of a Sonic fan favorite who has been sorely underrepresented in the merchandising world. Figures may still be available in stores, though they are going fast. One's best bet to obtain one would be to call local Toys R Us stores or search eBay, though avid Sonic fans should avoid auctions going for more than $40.

"shh... When Sonis turns around he is going to freak the hell out." 

The figure is awesome, no question, but the price to quality ratio does not make this a figure worth a $50 eBay auction. The paint has a lovely metallic shine, but can be a little sloppy in spots. My figure looks great on a shelf, but looking a bit closer you'll see a few small splatters of paint and areas that aren't completely filled in. For example, unlike the in-game model, Metal's silver chin stops short. Still, the paint job is great for a figure of this price.

The rear engine is my favorite part. He has SEGA printed on his ass, which I'm a bit envious of.

As you can see, bigger IS better.

Even rarely seen areas, like the bottoms of Metal's shoes, are finely detailed. You'll find some parts that are so detailed, you'll swear it's a joint. The silver hinge of Metal's foot is only sculpted, and is not an actual point of articulation. Speaking of articulation, Metal has 18 points. The arms, head and hands move about brilliantly, with the Thumbs even able to swivel for "thumbs up" poses. The legs aren't as wonky as the Werehog figure, so you can do a variety of standing poses without fear of Metal tipping over.

Father and Son

"If only more people actually finished this game to see my epic return... who am I kidding. I wore a cape... that is so not me. I hate capes!"

A great figure of a great character. What more can I say? Metal has returned!

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The GagaMan(n) said...

Looks very neat, my parents are going to be in America next month so I'm hoping they may find one at the back of a Toys R Us there!