Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Nostalgia Critic digs his teeth into the Sonic Cartoons

Oh boy, after the Nostalgia Critic did a video about the mario cartoon, I was hoping he may do one for the Sonic cartoons (The original two, Sonic X and Underground are null and void) and here it is! He rips the shit out of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, particularly about how it doesn't make any sense, but loves SATAM to pieces. As much as I disagree on his AOSTH opinion (it was awesome because of how screwball it was!), it's a bloody entertaining video (as his vids always are, give his website a good hard look if you haven't already) so give it a watch already!

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Ryan said...

He's a bit of a dick really, isn't he? I probably won't watch anymore of his videos, and I'll probably be buying the Adventures DVD set just to spite him (somehow), BUT, I do remember pulling those exact same expressions the first time I saw Sonic SatAM!

B minus?